How to Drive Traffic to Your E-Commerce Store?

There are numerous ways to drive traffic to your E-commerce Store. There is a difference between bringing good quality traffic to your E-commerce site in the usual way and expanding your business to its full potential.

But we at Cyrusson don’t just want to help you get traffic to you site, we want your business to get the correct traffic:

● Those who are keen in your niche

● People who like to unite with you in your mailing list

● And the ones who will become customers.

It is quite a challenging task — driving traffic to your E-commerce store. But never think of giving up, as that might be a big mistake.

In this article, we’re going to explore some specific strategies and methods you can utilize to drive traffic to your e-commerce store effectively.

Driving Traffic to Your Online E-commerce store:

In the online world today, traffic is the base of making your brand a success.

If you fail to drive traffic to your E-commerce store, conversion and analytics are of no use.

But, a question arises: What is the exact way to increase e-commerce traffic? Well, there are a variety of ways.

Search Engine Optimization: The plan to grow new organic traffic over time.

Social Media Strategy: The idea to communicate with your audience on social media platforms to bring them and their friends back to your site.

AdWords/PPC: Use paid ads across the web to earn new traffic and re-capture visitors who bounced.

Let’s understand it more profoundly.

Utilize your Owned Media

When you are on a tight budget, this strategy will help to use free traffic resources. Through Owned media, you can reach customers that belong to your store — for example, your email list. Now you can share a new promotion with a link to your e-commerce site to these email list subscribers. You can also add your website’s link to your social media profiles (in the “About” section). Do the same to your email signature, to your Google Maps listing, and even on your business card. The initial step is to make your followers aware of your brand at a minimal cost.

Make out the difference between every channel

For most aspiring e-commerce stores, social media is a critical task in the sales channel. However, every social media platform has a different motive. The customer’s behavior, the interaction will decide whether he/ she want to visit your e-commerce site. And that is very different on each platform. For example, followers on Facebook are likely looking for visibility on your product. The way it fits and what colors are available? Whereas, On IG, your followers are happier to see the reviews from others who make comments. Handle each channel appropriately to ensure you’re interacting with high-potential users correctly.

Contact Valid Influencers

Consider a natural way to get into influencer marketing to make your community. Come in touch with genuine influencers who will advertise your product honestly. The posts shared by influential influencers bring conversion five times higher than posts from the native brand. You can offer them an affiliate code to promote your e-commerce site to their followers. This way, you will generate new visitors to your site over time, and these posts are better for long-term clicks.

Create Giveaway Promos to Your Audience.

Giveaways will grow your traffic in the short term. A reward or prize acts as a powerful incentive for getting present and new customers to visit your site. Some tools will allow you to embed giveaways on a landing page or blog post. You can also use your social media pages to share the contest with your followers and learn them to share your page with others.

Engage your Consumers with Content Marketing

Authentic and New content will aid in making your business stand high as an industry leader. In addition to that, good content helps build your ranking in SEO. Make your brand so influential and create something worth that will be beyond a transaction. Make sure people visit your site consistently, so give them a reason to do so. Once you are successful in drawing their attention, you can use your page to convert casual browsers into paid customers. If you want to go beyond this, free tools like Google Keyword Planner can get you better search results beyond your name of the product.

Create a Referral Program

You can ask your customers to advertise on your behalf, and in turn, you can reward them for doing so. Keeping your words is the best effective form of marketing: Utilize this powerful marketing tool by convincing customers to suggest your brand to their friends and family. You can offer a 10% discount when someone uses a customer’s unique code. You can also reward customers who continuously send you buying customers. With time, customers can bring your business to a different level by always supporting your business.

if you need any help to drive traffic to your E-commerce store, you can always contact us any time, we’re happy to help!



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